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Friday, September 19, 2008

Melbourne Commute

I forgot to add this video - made a year ago.

I wish I still lived in Melbourne.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Ride home from work with me.

OK in the tradition of Eek's awesome ride to work photosets I thought I'd do one. There are lots of photos and the quality isn't great as its a phonecam and they're shaky blurry images but wtf.

The journey is between 10-11 km one way. Naturally I do this twice a day so 22 ish km per day for me. I feel fit already.

Oh btw its from North Melbourne (work) to St Kilda (home) - Thats in Oztrailia too (we drive on the left here to anyone who wonders).

Let's go:

My ride. It actually looks kinda cool in this sunlight. It's not a bad bike. It's great for commuting on but not the best looking bike in the world. Not that I care.
This is also where I chain it up. It's pretty well hidden. I should probably find somewhere undercover but this is fine for now whilst its such nice weather.

Bye bye work. Great coffee. Probably the best thing I can say about work. The ppl are nice though too.

I usually just shoot straight out the gate but today I'm going to feed the bread I have left over from my lunch to the birds swimming in the creek. So let's shoot across the grass to join the lovely bike path running alongside the creek.

oh no! We have been denied!

Instead have to cycle along two of these:

Rail-line crossings.

Where trains are often to be found "Shunting" which effectively blocks the road for anyone so you may as well just sit it out.

Anyway after that we "off road" for a bit to get to the bike path and the creek.

and off we go. Bike path you rock!

Lovely creek (you can see all this from my office window - awesome). No birds though. They've all gone.

None further up and the bike path is ending so I rip the bread into pieces and throw it in the creek and continue. This is Footscray road which is a massive road. Lots of roads in Australia are massive though. They've got way too much space here. In the background you can see the giant ferris wheel being constructed. It'll be cool when its done.

Right time to mix it with the big boys on Footscray road. Spin the cranks! In the distance you can see the tall buildings of the docklands.

Over a junction and the road is a bit more chilled out. We are entering the Docklands area. It's all very swanky here now.

It's an arm!

Waiting at the lights:

I nearly wobbled off the bike here whilst taking the photo. Even though I was stationary.
Note the Channel 7 building and the top of...

Telstra Dome!
Home to the mighty Saint Kilda Saints and some other pretenders. I'll probably not get chance to see the Saints at the Dome this season as we're more than likely not gonna get through to the finals. The Dome is an awesome stadium.

It's a low, setting sun. There are lots of things on the pavements in the docklands. Didn't get any photos of them though.

Its a cow in a tree! and that bridge in the distance who's name escapes me now.

Waiting at traffic lights again!
I'm going up the path obscured by the silver car.

I'm off! Going fast now.

Action shot. I've got the longest skinniest legs ever. I also have a little fat belly so I'm not in proportion or good shape.

Bike path.

My view

Bike path. Melbourne has some of the best cycle routes/paths that I know of. They're very bike friendly compared to most cities.

It looks stationary but I'm rolling along at the same speed as this car. Which isn't too fast as we're both slowing for lights.

It's the free city circle tram!

Waiting to cross big road. When there isn't much traffic I tank it down here to my turning. Too much traffic today though, especially when I'm taking photos. I'm taking the right turn btw.

Still waiting to cross

I don't have a computer. I'm not too fussed about knowing my speed or anything. I just like to know if I'm late for work yet. So I have a watch!

Onto the back streets

Hello fellow cyclists. They always seem to be going the other way to me

This is what the camera pics up when I try to take a picture whilst cycling over one of these:

I nearly came off after going over that one. Trying not to drop the camera and steady the bike at speed is not too easy.

Over the tram tracks (not shown) and we're back on Clarendon Street bridge going over the Yarra river.
Crown Casino is off to your left

More Crown. It's a big place.

If I'm in a rush I turn left right here and go down a big long straight road. However its more scenic if I go straight on and seeing as we're taking photos I'll go straight on.


Work those pedals!

Didn't get any photos in South Melbourne. It's a nice area but the roads were mega busy so I just shot through.

I'm pretty hot so I stop to take some layers off and look at South Melbourne FC.
We're in Albert Park now which is a great place to be.

The old stand looks like its about to fall down.

I cut through the car park as I intend to show you the lake (not as visible from the road)

Quick offroad

The lake. It's huge. This is just a small bit

I should've saved the bread for these guys.

A runner! I'm totally gonna get into his slip stream!

I like to veer off here to go round the back of the golf driving range

...and bunker practice

more lovely bike paths

lots of golf balls. If I were criminally minded I'd probably steal them and sell them.

We're running alongside the tram here. It's the 96 (the best) Tram route.
On the other side of the tram tracks is the road which is the quicker route.

Tennis courts on the left and in the background is MART who make a good breakfast and some nice coffee.

Albert park has tons of open spaces and sports pitches/facilities

A grass pressing roller thingymajig.

Going faster now


Tried to get a shot of a passing cyclist but failed

Lots of trees

Hockey Pitches.

Cut through rape tunnel
* Not actually called Rape Tunnel.

along the road a bit (busy) and we're in St Kilda at the Fitzroy St/ Grey Street junction. A second after taking this shot the lady behind me on a bike rolled through the red light and over to grey street. Danger! Silly girl.

I waited for the lights to turn green and headed up Grey Street. Turns out she didn't get far. Ha! So I took a photo of her. Grey Street is usually full of Prostitutes but there were none today and it was too busy to take photos.

After the last photo I went straight on at the lights and cut down a side street. Again busy so no photos. I did try to get one of the side street but it failed:

and suddenly I am home!

good on ya bike. We rule!

Now go take pics of your route to work and post them for everyone to see.